My keynotes are topical messages delivered to engage, entertain, inform, and (maybe even) shake up the high-performance status quo.

My topics come from from decades spent behind the scenes helping elite athletes, coaches, and teams as well as from my work in defence, medicine, and the corporate sector.

In this space, I learned so much about high performance…as well as many cautionary tales about how things can go wrong, times when performance was not sustainable, and leadership/coaching practices that, while well-intentioned, missed the mark or worse, actually undermined performance.

My keynotes combine stories and ideas from those experiences with insights gleaned from contemporary neuroscience and Buddhist and evolutionary psychology to suggest new ways of thinking for our times. Audiences are entertained, informed…and stretched.

It has never been more true that what used to get us to good won’t take us to great. Let’s start thinking differently about high performance, and my “call to action” keynotes can be a great way to jump-start that journey.

My popular keynote topics

  • Building your High-Performance Mindset. An entertaining look at how the mind works, why it does what it does, what are thoughts and feelings, really…and how we can improve our relationship to it all. Consider this your instruction manual to the mind. Great as a gateway to more targeted inner-performance work – this presentation sets the stage.
  • When Grit Is Not Enough: Based on my book, you will hear “tales from the front” about the siren call of grit, how and when it can fail us, and ideas on how to move beyond mere grit to thrive more easily and cleanly through uncertainty and change. Great for hard workers who verge on burnout.
  • High Performance From the Inside Out: Using a combination of story and science to confront and overturn the traditional “the end justifies the means” performance dogma. Tips and strategies for individuals and organizations to start the journey from performance grind to thriving performer. An eye-opener for anyone who wonders why they can’t sustain themselves when the going is tough. Great for individuals and teams in chronic high-stress or high-change environments.
  • Becoming the CEO of Your “Inner Board Room.” If there is a cast of characters in your head – and let’s face it, we all have them – do you even have a seat at the boardroom table? Learn about how we unintentionally give away our power to the inner critic, doubt, anxiety, or anger and how we can reclaim our rightful seat at the table. Great for anyone who finds themselves at the mercy of their own inner world.
  • Unmasking the Imposter: This presentation shines a light straight into the eyes of the shameful secret so many of us share when we doubt our right to be where we are or fear being “found out” as a fraud. Why do we do this…and what we can do about it. Great for new-to-role and emerging leaders.

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