High Performance from the Inside Out

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Do you want to play not just a bigger—but your biggest–game? Do you want your team to step up performance, not just to the next level, but to find what they are truly capable of?

Here’s a question, then. What comes first, the performance? Or the performer?

Anyone can pop out a great performance once with no training, but doing the best you can over and over and over again…that is a completely different game. Which game do you want to play?

True high performance, that is, sustainable high performance, starts with the performer.

That’s you as the leader. That’s you as the team member. That’s you as a parent, partner, or friend.

High Performance From the Inside Out is exactly what it sounds like. I work with leaders and teams to develop their inner game first. When we get it right inside—accurate self-awareness, emotional understanding and management, mindful relationship with our thinking–we multiply our capacity for better decisions, leadership, stress-tolerance, and quality relationships.

Leadership is contagious.  What we cultivate for ourselves spreads to those around us.  From me, to you, to us, to all:

How does this program help?  Participants gain back more energy, reduce stress, learn to cope with uncertainty, change, and setbacks in new ways, and are more present for and attuned to the relationships that matter.

Feedback from program participants:

  • I didn’t realize how much my own thinking was holding me back.
  • The stress hasn’t changed, but my ability to deal with it has.
  • I get less stressed out over the things I used to avoid like anything.
  • Being more comfortable in my own skin makes conversations easier.
  • I don’t take things so personally. I can get back up and keep going easier.
  • I had no idea that being nicer to myself was so important.

Module topics:

  1. Mojo:  You identify what your personal sources of energy and optimism are, evidence-based areas to work toward, habits worth developing, with an eye also on the things to stop doing, so you increase the chance of bringing your best self to your work and life.
  2. Mindset I (Basics):   This is the “instruction manual to your mind” session.  You learn about the brain and mind, understand and work with your thoughts and emotions, and learn to wield your awareness more skilfully.  Mindful meditation is introduced here as a powerful practice tool.
  3. Mindset II (Stress, Uncertainty, and Change):  With the basics in hand, you will learn about the skills and insights to respond more effectively, with less wasted energy or pain, in the face of change, uncertainty, or failure.  
  4. Mates:  Too many otherwise high-achievers are either disconnected from or overly invested in others and warring with themselves. This session focuses on social and emotional intelligence to help you connect more effectively with the people you love, work, and play with…as well as to yourself.
  5. Messaging: Building on the emotional foundations of the “mates” session, this session focuses on relationship building, easier communication (speaking and listening), and working with conflict or other complex conversations.
  6. Move:  Knowledge is all well and good…but not enough.  This group-coached last session called “The Grand Behaviour Change Experiment” brings it all together.  You come away with a performance plan for change, a chance to practice new behaviours, and report to your cohort about how it went.  Feedback from participants suggests that this is where the performance magic happens.

What participants get:  insight into their own brains and minds, a durable performance mindset, relational expertise for others…and self, and the chance to practice these skills together.

Program logistics:  Each of the 6 modules lasts two hours and can be delivered in person or remotely.

To learn more about how I deliver these outcomes for you or your organisation reach out below.