Becoming Buoyant

Less Stress, More Resilience and Sustained Performance...

Tailored for Female Performers

Women often experience the stress of achievement differently from how men do, and yet, stress “management” or resilience is often taught in a one-size-fits-all way as strategies to stay strong in the face of adversity.  

For women, it’s more often about the scramble to keep doing it all.  Doing the work, helping others, minding the home, caring for family.  The treadmill of exhaustion and overwhelm.  All these priorities mean that care for self is too often left behind.

If this sounds at all familiar, this program is for you.  A primer for radical and performance-enhancing mindset crafting

Rather than needing to be even stronger (As if! I’m doing it all already!), buoyancy is about making coping easier.

It’s full-on refilling the cup. Rewriting the script that says that everyone else matters more than me. Changing the narrative from everyone else comes first to I matter AND I can care for the rest of it.

It’s the ability to ride the waves of obligation and expectation AND care for me.  To be buoyant

The resilience that underpins buoyancy is not something to be obtained from the outside. Nor is it something you can just demand of yourself…or others.

And it turns out that grit and resilience have a complicated relationship.  While low grit and resilience tend to go hand-in-hand, too much grit kills resilience.  

To find out where you stand on this grit – resilience relationship, click here for a quick and easy self-assessment.

Here’s what the Becoming Buoyant program IS about:
1. Becoming more AWARE: Sharpening our awareness to better forecast the weather – inside us and out in the environment.
2. Becoming more AGILE: Becoming more agile in our response when (not if) the winds of fortune change.
3. Developing SMART GRIT: Optimizing (not overusing) our grit to take us where we want to go.
4. Becoming more RESILIENT: Learning how to ride the waves of uncertainty and change without getting swamped.

Each interactive and entertaining module is 90 minutes and can be delivered in person or online.  Learning happens through story, reflection, and discussion.  You come away with insight, understanding, and tools you can use.

Previous program participants have found the communities that are formed over the course of the modules as important as the learning.  You learn from the course…and from each other.

If a program is not your thing, I can offer individualized buoyancy coaching…for you or your team.


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