When Grit Is Not Enough

Reworking Mindset and Purpose for Easier Effort in Hard Times

Grit, that combination of passion and perseverance, can take you from zero to hero in pursuit of those big, challenging goals worth pursuing.  Gritty people, be they athletes, coaches, or corporate C-suiters, thrive best when the road ahead is clear and plans make sense.  In times of uncertainty and change, however, grit may not be enough; in some circumstances, it can even be counterproductive.  This book is for those times.

In this book, you will learn:

  • To recognize when you might be over-indexing on grit;
  • How to build a more nimble mindset that can ride the waves of change;
  • The power of purpose as a stabilizing “north star” in times of uncertainty;
  • How to be in “best service” to others and why this matters in tough times;
  • How to be a more effective quitter and when you should stick with it;
  • That not all effort is created equal and how to make your efforts easier.

In short, you will learn how to work with uncertainty and how to perform more effectively in ways that benefit you as well as those you lead and work with.